Generic medicine in Pakistan is now a leader in providing generic medicine in Pakistan. We are now one step closer in providing affordable access to pharmacy services across the country. We have partnered with leading generic drug manufacturers in Pakistan and expanding our services to across the globe by exporting generic medicines from Pakistan.

Understanding Generic drug

A generic drug is a medicine containing the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as a drug that was previously patented by the inventor of the drug. The patented or branded drug can be sold after the patent is expired, giving other pharmaceutical companies the opporunity to launch the same drug with non-proprietary name.

The ultimate beneficiary of such drugs are end consumers or patients that can’t afford branded drugs.

What is Branded Generics?

Branded generics are generic drugs that have been given a proprietary market name. They may be marketed similarly to how branded drugs are. Branded generic drugs attach proprietary names to generic drug molecules. Ordinary generic drugs are usually known by their chemical name.

List of Branded Generics in Pakistan

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