Help a friend with depression

Help a Friend with Depression-Let’s Support!

If you can feel a change in the behavior of your friend and you’re trying to understand what your friend is going through-High Five!! That’s a sign of true friendship. Even if you’re, it’s still hard to understand exactly how to help and what to say when you know your words and actions can actually create an impact on his/her life. While every individual is different on how they take situations, here are some universal things that help you to support your loved one.

Educate yourself about depression:

When you educate yourself about something, you get a better understanding of it. You feel more in control of the situation and have more patience to tolerate the confusing symptoms.

Respect the courage:

Believe me, it takes a lot of courage to stand and tell someone that what they are going through. If they are open to you that means they trust you.

Be there to listen:

Depression can make a person feel isolated. They feel like no one cares. Make sure they know that you\’re there for them, but don’t rush to fix their problem, just listen to what your friend has to say. Give them that comfort and allow them to take everything out.

Seek help together:

Encourage your friend to seek professional support. Help them find and arrange an appointment with a health professional. If you’ve no idea who you should seek help, join mental health groups on Facebook or seek online counselling.

Depression is an illness and it has to be treated just the way other illnesses are treated.

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