Here are the ways to overcome your anxiety.

Have you ever been in bed for hours and can’t get to sleep because of over-thinking about your next day, family, work life or just worrying about anything and everything that comes to your mind? No matter what the issue is, it’s in your head, and you can’t stop yourself imagining about it. By the time you realize that it’s a petty issue, and you can solve it another hour has passed, now you begin fretting about the fact that you can’t get to sleep and it’s too late.

Well, it’s anxiety! We all experience it in one form or another; whether it’s when we’re waiting for our result or we are about to give a speech in front of a crowd-feeling anxious about the stressful situations is a normal reaction. But for some, it’s not just a feeling that comes and goes; it’s a more confronting emotion that never goes away completely.  But how do you know if you have anxiety and how can you cope up with the feeling?

Anxiety is the feeling of nervousness, distress, panic, and fear. It usually triggers when you sense danger or think about the worst scenarios of the future events. Next time when anxiety hits you out of nowhere, try to;

Figure out what’s bothering you and try to relax:

When anxiety flares, take time out and think what’s making you that anxious? Whether it’s a past or future event, remember it has nothing to do with your present. Anxiety and nervousness lose its grip when you clear your mind of worry and bring your mindfulness back to the present. Once your mind is clear, try to relax. But relaxing doesn’t mean watching TV or scrolling your FB feed (It could worsen your anxiety, depending on what you’re watching) and same goes for false states of relaxation like tobacco or drugs. Practice daily relaxation technique like deep breathing, it slows down your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, tensions and promotes mental clarity.

Watch out and practice deep breathing;

Take enough sleep, eat well and exercise:

Do you want to be in a peaceful state at all time and strong enough to handle all the ups and downs of your life? Take the right amount of sleep that’s required. Eat fruits, lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains for long-term energy. Exercise regularly! According to studies, exercise is one of the best remedies for anxiety.

Speak up, connect with others:

Spend some time with your family and hang out with your friends; the energy, bond and fun that you guys share will allow you to feel happy. If you have kids in your family, go out and play with them, they have the next level of energy that can make you feel good and energetic. Talk to someone you can trust, sharing your thoughts with someone who listens and cares can help you feel better and more understood.

Attract positivity:

Pay attention to the good things around you. Show gratitude to the Almighty, people and the everyday blessings in your life.  Allow yourself to dream, walk, and dance. Give 5 min to positive affirmations every day and imagine the best that could happen!


Most people are familiar with feeling some anxiety from time-to-time; however, if you’re experiencing extreme worry or anxiety and it’s affecting your family, performance and other areas of life, there is potential that these feeling are an indication of the Anxiety Disorder. And in such case, getting care from a health professional is important.

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