Mental Illness is More Common than You Think

Imagine someone saying that he/she has been diagnosed with a physical illness, would you tell them to think positive to feel better or stop exaggerating and relax? No, right? Sadly, people with mental illness hear this.

Did you know that Pakistan is one of those vulnerable countries where anxiety, stress and depression are at its peak? And yet we’re not taking it seriously! According to Dr Iqbal Afridi, the President of Pakistan Psychiatric Society and the Head of Department of Psychiatry at Jinnah Post Medical Complex, “one out of every three Pakistani is suffering from these curable diseases”. He further added that almost one million lives were lost every year due to suicides committed by persons suffering from mental disorders.

Mental illness is real, it affects people of all ages, from all walk of life, everywhere. Usually, people with mental illness continue to suffer it in silence due to the stigma attached to it. What will people say if they find out I’m seeking medical attention? It’s high time that people should talk about it, they must know what is mental illness and how its feel like when you’re suffering from it.

Mental health refers to the psychological well-being, it includes the way you feel about yourself, your ability to handle stress, emotions, the way you socialize with others, and how you take your decisions. Physical health and mental health are connected. Mental Illness such as anxiety, depression can affect your ability to participate in overall healthy behaviors and at worst, it can lead to suicide. Depression is now the second leading cause of death among 15 to 29 years old people. It’s getting more common than you think.

So, next time when someone gathers the courage to discuss his/her mental problem with you or you find out someone having a tough time, please have the courtesy to listen and help without judging or without comparing it with your bad day. Seek proper medical attention!

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