Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s


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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: ,
Drug Strength: 50 mg
Drug Form : Tablet
Pack Size : 2x10s
Rs. 6 per Tablet
20 Tablet per pack
10 Tablet in each strip
Rs.65 per strip

Annuva tablet contains Diclofenac Sodium, Inj/Oral/Suppositories | belongs to Phenylacetic acid

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Alternate brands of Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s

Brand Name Price Savings
Voltral Emulgel 1.00% Gel 50 gm  325.00 You will pay -195.35 more
Artifen tablet 50 mg 10×10’s  419.16 You will pay -289.51 more
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How to use Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s

IV Infusion: Maximum 150 mg in 24 hours. Must not be given by IV bolus injection. By IV infusion diluted with 0.9% saline or 5% dextrose infusion solution.

what are the adverse effects of Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s?

Transient epigastric pain, GI disturbances, headache, oedema. Rarely blood dyshaematopoiesis, peptic ulcer, abnormalities of liver and kidney function, skin reactions, pain at injection site.

What happens if I miss a dose of Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s?

Adults: ORAL: 75-150 mg daily in two or three divided doses.
SUPPOSITORIES: 75-150 mg rectally daily in divided doses.
INJECTION: 75 mg IM once or twice daily by deep intragluteal inj for max 2 days. Continue if necessary with tab.
Acute postoperative pain: By IV injection 75 mg repeated every 4-6 hr if necessary, max 150 mg in 24 hr.
Prevention of postoperative pain, a loading dose of 25-50 mg should be infused after surgery over 15 min to 1 hour, followed by continuous infusion of about 5 mg per hour up to maximum 150 mg in 24 hours.
Moderate to severe postoperative pain, 75 mg infused continuously over a period of 30 min to 2 hours.
Children: Not recommended for children under 1 yr; suppositories not recommended for children under 6 yr except for children over 1 yr for juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Injection not recommended for children.
Inflammation and mild to moderate pain: ORAL or RECTAL: 6 mth-18 yr, 0.3-1 mg/kg (max 50 mg) 3 times daily.
Postoperative pain: RECTAL: 6 mth-18 yr Body-weight 8-12 kg, 12.5 mg twice daily for max 4 days; Body-weight over 12 kg, 1 mg/kg (max 50 mg) 3 times daily for max 4 days. INJECTION: IV infusion or deep IM injection into gluteal muscle. 2-18 yr, 0.3-1 mg/kg once or twice daily for max 2 days (max 150 mg daily).
Pain and inflammation in rheumatic disease including juvenile idiopathic arthritis: ORAL: 6 mth-18 yr, 1.5-2.5 mg/kg (max 75 mg) twice daily; total daily dose may alternatively be given in 3 divided doses.

One of the following licensed pharmacy from the nearest location will deliver Annuva tablet dispersible 50 mg 2×10’s. The details of the licensed pharmacy shall be shared once you request the drugs and the respective pharmacy accepts your request based on valid prescription and availability.

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