Black Cobra 5 Tablets – 150mg

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Combitic global caplet

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  • Tablets should be kept at

    room temperature, 15- 30 C (59-86 F).

    53 reviews for Black Cobra 5 Tablets – 150mg

    1. Anonymous (verified owner)

      its a good place where’s we can buy as per desired things.

    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      submitted 5 stars.

    3. m Ali

      Aj hi chahi ye please

    4. Ali Ahmed

      Ali Ahmed submitted 5 stars.

    5. Zahid Khattak

      Zahid Khattak submitted 5 stars.

    6. Nadeem Latif (verified owner)

      Very good app

    7. [email protected] (verified owner)

      [email protected] submitted 5 stars.

    8. Zakir Hussain

      when you deliver call me before 1 hour

    9. Aftab Ali Khan

      Aftab Ali Khan submitted 5 stars.

    10. Ali

      Ali submitted 5 stars.

    11. Sohail Akbar

      Sohail Akbar submitted 5 stars.

    12. Anonymous (verified owner)

      submitted 5 stars.

    13. Nadeem Latif (verified owner)

      Nadeem Latif submitted 5 stars.

    14. Jamshaid

      Jamshaid submitted 5 stars.

    15. shahHeera


    16. Adnan Shahzad

      how much timing it gives?

    17. shabeer

      shabeer submitted 4 stars.

    18. Shabbar Hussain

      Shabbar Hussain submitted 5 stars.

    19. Mureed Gul

      Mureed Gul submitted 3 stars.

    20. Talib

      Aj hi chahiay please

    21. Zohaib Zain

      when I cheek your service then I will comment on this app

    22. Sheikh Sajid (verified owner)

      Sheikh Sajid submitted 5 stars.

    23. Mohsin Khan

      Mohsin Khan submitted 5 stars.

    24. Malik Arsalaan


    25. Muhammad Ali

      plz fast delivery

    26. Abdul Rashid

      good worke

    27. Ali

      Ali submitted 3 stars.

    28. Muhammad Sajid Qamar

      Muhammad Sajid Qamar submitted 3 stars.

    29. Tahir Dilbar Dilbar

      Tahir Dilbar Dilbar submitted 5 stars.

    30. abdul ghaffar

      abdul ghaffar submitted 5 stars.

    31. Abdul Waheed

      Abdul Waheed submitted 5 stars.

    32. Mohammad Nouman

      Mohammad Nouman submitted 4 stars.

    33. Asim Majeed

      Asim Majeed submitted 5 stars.

    34. rohan ali

      excellent work

    35. zaingh

      zaingh submitted 5 stars.

    36. Waseem Yousaf


    37. Anonymous (verified owner)

      submitted 5 stars.

    38. Rana Sohail


    39. Hussan Bilal (verified owner)

      Hussan Bilal submitted 5 stars.

    40. Anonymous (verified owner)

      submitted 5 stars.

    41. Shani

      Shani submitted 5 stars.

    42. Syed Musharraf Zaki Ahmed (verified owner)

      Syed Musharraf Zaki Ahmed submitted 4 stars.

    43. Anonymous (verified owner)

      submitted 5 stars.

    44. Umar Raja

      Umar Raja submitted 5 stars.

    45. malik wajid

      plz call me before delivery

    46. naeem akram

      good nice work.

    47. Ibrahim Khalil

      Ibrahim Khalil submitted 5 stars.

    48. Muhammad Kamran Kamran

      Please send me Number 1 Tablets

    49. Shabbir Hussain

      Shabbir Hussain submitted 5 stars.

    50. ch hassam

      ch hassam submitted 5 stars.

    51. Ahmad

      Ahmad submitted 5 stars.

    52. Muhammad Kamran Kamran (verified owner)

      Muhammad Kamran Kamran submitted 5 stars.

    53. Gm Akbar

      Gm Akbar submitted 5 stars.

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    One of the following licensed pharmacy from the nearest location will deliver Black Cobra 5 Tablets – 150mg. The details of the licensed pharmacy shall be shared once you request the drugs and the respective pharmacy accepts your request based on valid prescription and availability.

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