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Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Carbonica 200 11ml

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  • Calcarea Carbonica 200 10ml CALCAREA CARBONICA (Carbonate of Lime) The chief action of calcarea carbonica is centered in the vegetative sphere, impaired nutrition being the keynote of its action. The glands, skin, and bones are markedly affected by calcarea carbonica. Patients suitable to this medicine have an increased local and general perspiration, swelling of glands, scrofulous and rachitic conditions generally offer numerous opportunities for the exhibition of Calcarea carb. Calcarea carbonica covers the improvement of tickling cough, fleeting chest pains, nausea, acidity and dislike of fat. Calcarea carbonica patient gets out of breath easily. A tired state whether mental or physical, due to overwork is also seen in patients suitable for this medicine. Calcarea carb is well indicated in abscesses (a confined area of pus collected within it anywhere in the body) in deep muscles, polyps (abnormal tissue growth on mucus membrane) and exostoses i.e. a benign harmless outgrowth from bones. Calcarea carbonica also shows good results in conditions like pituitary and thyroid glands dysfunctions, raised blood clotting ability. Calcarea carb is a definite stimulant to the periosteum. Calcarea carbonica is considered for persons of scrofulous type, who take cold easily, with increased mucous secretions, children who grow fat, are large-bellied, with large head, pale skin, chalky look, the so-called leuco-phlegmatic temperament. Calcarea carbonica treats the affections caused by working in water. Great sensitiveness to cold, partial sweats and relapse of complaints are also controlled by this medicine. Children of calcarea carbonica type crave eggs and eat dirt and other indigestible things; they are prone to diarrhoea. Calcarea carbonica patient is fat, fair, flabby and perspiring and cold, damp and sour. Calcarea Carb is useful in new born impetigo. The skin of the baby is unhealthy and readily ulcerating. Small wounds do not heal readily. Also nettle rash better in cold air. Calcarea Carb also helps in warts on face and hands, chilblains and boils. Calcarea Carb is useful in urticarea. Calcarea Carb is well indicated in malnutrition, anaemia and decayed bones. The Calcarea Carb patient has complete loss of appetite when over worked and tired. The child is fair, fatty and flabby. The bones are weak and soft. There is late learning to walk. The frontanelles and sutures remain open for a long time. There is also debility as there are curvatures of bones especially of spine and long bones. There is delayed ossification. There is difficult and delayed dentition. Teeth do not appear in time. Calcarea Carb also helps in toothache. There is tooth ache only while eating. Tooth ache is worse by both heat and cold and in the evening with putrid and offensive smell from mouth. Calcarea Carb is also useful in gout and rheumatism. Rheumatoid pains caused due to exposure to wet. Cold and damp feet. There is weakness of extremeties with swelling of joints especially knee. There are arthritic nodosities. It also helps in old sprains and tearing in muscles. Calcarea Carb is also useful in acidity. There is sour taste in mouth with great craving for indigestible things. The patient has great longing for eggs, but aversion to meat, fat and milk. There is frequent and sour eructations, sour vomiting and stool. The abdomen is pot bellied and sensitive to slightest pressure. There is habitual constipation and the patient feels better when constipated. There is also disposition to grow fat hence useful in obesity. Calcarea Carb has marked action in treating menstual symptoms. It suits to ladies whose first menstruation commenced at early age. Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting with subsequent amenorrhoea. Least mental excitement causes profuse return of menstual flow. It is indicated in leucorrhoea which is milky white but acrid especially in young girls. Calcarea Carb is also a chief remedy for many respiratory conditions caused due to exposure to cold. There is frequent sneezing without cold. Dry coryza with much sneezing. There is painless hoarseness worse in the morning. Cough due to exposure to cold, standing on damp pavements or working while standing in cold water. Cough in single paroxysm. Calcarea Carb is also useful in bronchial asthma and tuberculosis. Mind – Hard working, overworking, capable, conscientious -Over-responsible, take on too much. -Life is completing your task-list, Cannot relax. – Practical, down to earth. – Needs security, Obstinate. – FEARS: HIGH PLACES, MICE, insects, rats, DOGS, INFECTION, CANCER, poverty, dark, INSANITY, OTHERS WILL OBSERVE THEIR INNER STATE. – Fear at night; frightful visions on closing eyes. – A fear of the unknown, Many small fears. Worry about small things. – Horrible things, sad stories affect profoundly. – Sensitive, ANXIETY ABOUT HEALTH, future. Despair of recovery. – Sadness, Melancholy, Suicidal thoughts worse perspiration. – Slowness, Weakness of will, Desires to be magnetized. Children – OBSTINATE. – Serious. Ask about religious things. – Intelligent, but slow comprehension. – Avoid physical activities. – Glandular swellings. – Frequent colds. – Constipation, feels good with it. Generalities – BABIES, 40% or more of all babies/children need Calc. – Pillow wet from perspiration neck. – Sour perspiration, stool. – Vomiting of milk. – Slow development; slow closing of fontanelles. – Dentition late and difficult. – Ulcers mouth (Borax). – CHILLY, Worse: COLD WET WEATHER, Cold air, heat of sun, Physical EXERTION, ASCENDING, left side, coition. – Better: Warm and dry. – Sour odour of discharges, of body. – OBESITY: puts on weight easily. – BONES: Weak; disturbed development, caries. – Convulsions; epileptic aura from solar plexus outward or upward, or as of a mouse running up arm or down abdomen to uterus or limbs. – Epilepsy in children who play too much video-games. – Frequent colds (Psor, Sulph, Tub). – Swollen glands, lymph-nodes, Tumours, esp. cystic. Food and drinks – Desire: SWEETS, ice cream, salt, SOFT BOILED EGGS, indigestible things, dairy products, cold drinks. – Aversion: Fat, slimy food. – Worse : MILK, smoked meat. Vertigo – HIGH PLACES, Ascending stairs. – On turning head quickly. Head – Headache aggravated by physical exertion, wet weather; better by lying in the dark. – PERSPIRATION AT NIGHT, DURING SLEEP, aggravated on OCCIPUT AND NAPE. – Fontanelles remain open. – Chronic hydrocephalus. – Eruptions: thick crusts, milk crusts. Eye – Pain on exertion of vision. – Inflammation with agglutination of lids on waking. – Cataract: opacity of cornea. – Ulceration of cornea. Ear – Recurrent infection of ear. – Lost or impaired hearing from catarrh. – Noises in ear that gets worse in evening in bed. – Polyps. – Eruptions behind ears, cracks (Graph). Nose – Polyps with nasal blockage – Chronic coryza. – Allergies, Sinusitis, Hay fever. Face – Easily perspiration, cold sweat. Mouth – APHTHAE (mouth ulcers) in babies (Bor). – Open mouth from enlarged adenoids. – Persistent sour taste. Teeth – DENTITION LATE AND DIFFICULT. – Caries and Abscesses. Throat – Inflammation and swelling of tonsils. External throat – GOITRE. – Swollen glands. Stomach – Weak, empty feeling. – Nervous eating. – Apprehension in stomach. – Sour eructations. – Heartburn. Abdomen – Distention with hardness. – Swelling of mesenteric and inguinal glands. – Hernia of umbilicus, like proud flesh, in babies. Rectum – CONSTIPATION. – Diarrhoea sour. – Worms. Bladder – Polyps. Kidneys – Stones. – Colic. Male genitalia – Increased desire. – Impotency: Erections incomplete; ejaculation too quick or too late. Female genitalia – Desire increased, Masturbation. – Pain during menses. – MENSES TOO EARLY, TOO PROFUSE, TOO LONG. Dark, clotted. – METRORHAGIA from least excitement. – FIBROIDS in uterus, myoma. – Polyps vagina. – Leucorrhea, itching, burning that becomes worse before or after menses, urination, exertion; weakening. Respiration – DIFFICULT respiration that is worse by EXERTION, ASCENDING, stooping, lying at night, after stool. – Chest Tightness and oppression. – Very sensitive to touch, pressure. – Palpitation aggravation: night; with anxiety. – Swelling breasts before menses. – Milk absent or too abundant. Child refuses the milk. Back – WEAKNESS of back. – Curvature of spine. – Lumbago, sciatica. – Pain worse lifting, exertion. – PERSPIRATION CERVICAL REGION AT NIGHT DURING SLEEP. – Swelling of cervical glands. Extremities – WEAKNESS and Sprains easily. – ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM aggravation cold damp weather, exertion. – Cold, clammy hands and feet. – COLD FEET on going to sleep, HOT AT NIGHT that he uncovers them. – NAILS BRITTLE. – Cramps in calves at night in bed. – SLOW LEARNING TO WALK. Sleep – SLEEPLESSNESS from activity of mind, until or after 3 a.m. – Position: On LEFT SIDE. – Nightmares. Perspiration – Easily on slight exertion. – Sour. Skin – Unhealthy. – Cracks, worse by water. – Eczema, itching aggravated by heat of bed. – Urticaria better in cold air. – Warts.


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