GLUBIRON F 100mg Tablet 20s


Iron Hydroxide Poly Maltose Complex:100mg + Folic Acid:0.35mg | Antianemia drugs

Manufactured by:
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:
Drug Strength: 100mg
Drug Form : Tablet
Pack Size : 20s
Rs. 7 per Tablet
20 Tablet per pack
10 Tablet in each strip
Rs.70 per strip

Alternate brands of GLUBIRON F 100mg Tablet 20s

Brand Name Price Savings
PLANKA FA 100mg Tablet 20s  70.00 You can save 70
MACIFAR F 100mg Tablet 10s  70.00 You can save 70
VENAGRO-F 100mg Capsule 10s  50.00 You can save 90
SAFIRON-F 100mg Tablet Chewable 10s  70.00 You can save 70
RUBIFER-F 100mg Tablet Chewable 20s  195.00 You will pay -55 more
List of alternate brands

Manufactured / Marketed By : Munawar Product Form : TabletPack Size : 20sIngredients : Iron Hydroxide Poly Maltose Complex:100mg + Folic Acid:0.35mgGeneric Category : Antianemia drugs


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How it works

GLUBIRON F 100mg Tablet 20s is absorbed in the small intestine, primarily in the duodenum and jejunum. Absorption occurs via a controlled, active mechanism. No passive diffusion takes place, which ensures that practically no unbound (to transferrin) iron reaches the blood.[1] The absorbed iron is primarily stored in the liver as ferritin (protein used for iron storage) and subsequently made available to the body for various functions, primarily for incorporation into the red blood cells' hemoglobin, thereby transporting oxygen in the blood.


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