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SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s

Amiodarone (HCl):200mg | Antiarrhythmic drugs

Alternate brands of SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s

Brand Name Price Savings
Miodarone tablet 200 mg 3×10’s  390.00 You will pay -136.81 more
Cordarone tablet 200 mg 3×10’s  598.57 You will pay -345.38 more
Cordarone tablet 100 mg 2×14’s  299.92 You will pay -46.73 more
Cordarone Injection 150 mg 6 Amp  546.99 You will pay -293.8 more
SEDACORON 150mg|ml Injection 5 ampule  240.52 You can save 12.67
List of alternate brands

Manufactured / Marketed By : Bio Pharma Product Form : TabletPack Size : 20s Ingredients : Amiodarone (HCl):200mgGeneric Category : Antiarrhythmic drugs

How it works

SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s works by blocking certain electrical signals in the heart that can cause an irregular heartbeat.

Side effects

Major & minor side effects for SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s

  • Cough severe
  • Dizziness severe
  • Increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight severe
  • Blurred vision severe
  • Irregular heartbeat severe
  • Trouble sleeping severe
  • Skin rash severe
  • Yellow colored eyes or skin severe
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite

Uses of SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s

What is it prescribed for?

  • Arrhythmias

    SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s is used in the treatment of arrhythmias which is a heart disorder characterized by irregular heart beats.


Frequently asked questions

  • Onset of action

    The effect of this medicine can be observed in 2 days to 3 weeks.

  • Duration of Effect

    The effect of this medicine lasts for an average duration of 58 days.

  • Safe with Alchohol?

    Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.

  • Is it habit forming?

    No habit forming tendencies were reported.

  • Usage in pregnancy?

    This medicine is not recommended for use in pregnant women.

  • Usage while breast-feeding?

    This medicine is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women.

When not to use?

  • Allergy

    Not recommended in patients allergic to SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s

  • Cardiogenic shock

    Not recommended in patients with cardiogenic shock

  • Heart block greater than first degree

    Not recommended in patients with second or third-degree atrioventricular block.

  • sinus bradycardia

    Not recommended in patients with sinus bradycardia


Warnings for special population
  • Pregnancy

    This medicine is not recommended for use in pregnant women.

  • Breast-feeding

    This medicine is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women.

General Warnings
  • Pulmonary Toxicity

    This medicine may cause severe lung injury which includes hypersensitivity pneumonitis and Interstitial pneumonitis. Discontinue the treatment as soon as these symptoms appear until the exact cause is identified.

  • Worsened Arrhythmia

    This medicine may cause exacerbation of the arrhythmias. This effect is more common in the patients being treated with other antiarrhythmic medicines or any changes in the dose. Close monitoring of potassium, magnesium levels is necessary before initiation of the treatment. Any symptoms of heart palpitations should be reported to the doctor.

  • Thyrotoxicosis

    This medicine may increase the thyroid levels and may lead to a serious condition called thyrotoxicosis. Close monitoring of thyroid levels is necessary. Any symptoms of irritability, irregular heartbeats, nervousness and weight loss should be reported to the doctor.

  • Impaired liver function

    This medicine may increase liver enzymes levels. Any signs of elevated liver enzymes should be reported to the doctor. Reduce the dose or discontinue the medicine if the value increases by 3 times the normal.


  • Missed Dose

    If you miss a dose of SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s , take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it’s almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not double your dose to make up for the missed dose.

  • Overdose

    Seek emergency medical treatment or contact the doctor in case of an overdose.


Interaction with Medicines
  • Budesonide moderate
  • Azole antifungal agents severe
  • Theophylline moderate
  • Azithromycin severe
Disease interactions
  • moderate

    The effect of antiarrhythmic medicines depends on the electrolytes. The increase in the potassium levels may increase the toxic effects of antiarrhythmic medicines. The baseline of these electrolytes should be obtained before initiation of the therapy and any changes in the values should be reported to the doctor.

General Instructions

Take SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s as advised by your doctor. Do not take in larger amounts than advised. It is advised to take this medicine at the same time every day. Consult the doctor if you experience any undesirable effects. Do not stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor.

Other details

  • Can be taken with or without food, as advised by your doctor
  • To be taken as instructed by doctor
  • May cause sleepiness


Additional Information:

One of the following licensed pharmacy from the nearest location will deliver SEDACORON 200mg Tablet 20s. The details of the licensed pharmacy shall be shared once you request the drugs and the respective pharmacy accepts your request based on valid prescription and availability.

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