Editorial Policy

Healthcare experts delivering authoritative content that you can trust.

MedicalStore.com.pk is on a mission to bring ease in everything related to healthcare. We even making it more easier for our visitors to learn deeper about medicines that they or their loved-ones consume. Our Core focus is: Trusted medical information that is understandable Cited from trusted sources Well researched, complete and concise. The information available on medicine information pages are curated by registered healthcare practitioners including qualified doctors, pharmacists and editors who have exhaustive experience in the field of medical science and scientific research writing.

Guiding principles for content writing.

Below we have presented our procedural content generation framework with intentions to produce high quality medical content for health care practitioners and consumers.


All the content on our website and mobile app is cited from trusted publishers after considerable amount of time consumption in due diligence to bring you well-researched, reliable and authentic


We reference to the source of information used on our website. We provides all necessary details about that source of information.


Content not just produced to fulfill the design and technical requirements rather written for humans to understand and get benefit out of it.


Content written after taking users needs in consideration.


Helps doctors and patients to better understand rather replacing the doctor and patient’s relationship.


We ensure that the content is not biased and present the facts as they are for the consumer. Content written without prejudice for or against any brand product or service.

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