Medicine Wholesale Market in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar is offering medicines at wholesale prices. we are linked with major pharmaceutical distributors in Karachi.

If you want to order from kachi gali medicine market you are at the right place our wholesale wing available at medicine wholesale deals in wholesale medicine supplies and delivers to all over Pakistan.

You will get medicines at unmatched discounts

Medicine market Karachi contact number is 03206334225. Our key account manager is available at your service from 11:am to 11:00pm

if you want to buy medicines at wholesale rate then please fill this form and you will be contacted within 24-48 hours. You will get a special account on our website to browse and buy medicines at wholesale rates. If you are a wholesaler then mention this over phone to our key account manager to get a pharmaceutical distributor / seller account and generate revenues using our platform. If you are a medicine supplier you can also use our system to effectively manage the entire process. Our wholesale system is crafted for everyone from our internal team to wholesalers, suppliers and pharmacy owners.

We are also adding general and surgical items on our system which you will be able to buy and sell using the same system. By registering you get access to 100s of medicines are offered at 15-50% discounts. 

if the medicine wholesale registration form is not loading properly please click on the following link to load in a separate window

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