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Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s

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Calan tablet SR contains Verapamil | belongs to Calcium antagonist

Alternate brands of Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s

Brand Name Price Savings
Zavera tablet SR 240 mg 20’s  91.39 You can save 113.61
Zavera tablet 40 mg 40’s  44.59 You can save 160.41
Isoptin tablet 80 mg 5×10’s  130.30 You can save 74.7
Isoptin tablet SR 240 mg 10’s  69.84 You can save 135.16
Isoptin Injection 2.5 mg 5 Ampx2 mL  98.93 You can save 106.07
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How it works

Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.


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Additional Information:

How to use Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s

For IV use only. Give as a slow IV injection over at least a 2 min time period under continuous ECG and blood pressure monitoring. Disopyramide or flecainide should not be given within 48 hours before or 24 hours after verapamil because additive negative inotropic effects can result.
Compatibility: Stable in Ringer’s solution, D5W, NS. For stability reason, this product is not recommended for dilution with sodium lactate injection in polyvinyl chloride bags. Verapamil injection will precipitate in any solution with a pH above 6.
Stability: Store at controlled room temperature 15°C-30°C (59°F-86°F). Protect from light.

what are the adverse effects of Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s?

Constipation, flushes. Rarely flushes, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, ankle oedema, GI upset, paraesthesia, extrapyramidal syndrome, skin reactions, tremor, vertigo, tinnitus, muscle weakness, myalgia, arthralgia, bradycardia, asystole, tachycardia, headaches, nausea, allergies, reversible liver function impairment, gynaecomastia, gingival hyperplasia. Decreased heart rate, hypotension, decreased myocardial contractability, 2nd or 3rd degree AV block.

What happens if I miss a dose of Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s?

Adults: ORAL: Angina: Vasospastic/Unstable/Chronic Stable: Usual: 80-120 mg three times daily. Titrate: Increase by once daily or once weekly intervals.
Arrhythmia: A-Fib (Digitalized): Usual: 240-320 mg/day divided in three or four doses daily. PSVT Prophylaxis (Non-Digitalized): 240-480 mg/day divided in three or four doses daily. Max: 480 mg/day.
Hypertension: Initial: 80 mg three times daily. Usual: 360-480 mg/day. SR Cap/Tab: Initial: 180 mg every morning. Titrate: Increase to 240 mg every morning, then 180 mg twice daily; or 240 mg + 120 mg every evening, then 240 mg every 12 hr. Adults: INJECTION: SVT: IV: 2.5-5 mg (over 2 min); 2nd dose of 5-10 mg (~0.15 mg/kg) may be given 15-30 min after the initial dose if patient tolerates, but does not respond to initial dose; Max total dose: 20 mg.
Children: Modified release preparation not licensed for use in children. Hypertension, prophylaxis of supraventricular arrhythmias under specialist advice only: ORAL: 1-2 yr, 20 mg 2-3 times daily; 2-18 yr, 40-120 mg 2-3 times daily.
Treatment of supraventricular arrhythmias: INJECTION: IV injection over 2-3 minutes. 1-18 yr, 100-300 mcg/kg (max 5 mg) as a single dose, repeated after 30 minutes if necessary.

One of the following licensed pharmacy from the nearest location will deliver Calan tablet SR 240 mg 10’s. The details of the licensed pharmacy shall be shared once you request the drugs and the respective pharmacy accepts your request based on valid prescription and availability.

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