Salmocal Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Amp


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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient:
Drug Strength: 100 IU/mL
Drug Form : Injection
Pack Size : 5 AMP
Does this requires a prescription ?Yes

Salmocal Injection contains Salcatonin | belongs to Hormone: Anti-osteoclastic

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Alternate brands

  • Salmocal Nasal Nasal Spray 200 IU/Dose 1’s
  • You will pay -1306 more
  • Miacalcic Nasal Spray Aq 200 IU 1’s
  • You will pay -3951.58 more
  • Miacalcic Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Ampx1 mL
  • You will pay -63.94 more


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    How to use Salmocal Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Amp

    IM route is preferred if volume exceeds 2 mL. Taking medication in the evening minimize the problems of flushing, nausea and vomiting.
    Stability: IM: Store under refrigeration at 2°C-6°C, stable for up to 2 weeks at room temperature.

    Children: Hypercalcaemia (experience limited in children): SC or IM injection: 1 mth-18 yr, 2.5-5 units/kg every 12 hr, max 400 units every 6-8 hr, adjusted according to response (no additional benefit with over 8 units/kg every 6 hr). IV infusion: 1 mth-18 yr, 5-10 units/kg over at least 6 hr.

    what are the adverse effects of Salmocal Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Amp?

    Nausea, vomiting, flushing, tingling hands, unpleasant taste. Anaphylaxis.

    What happens if I miss a dose of Salmocal Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Amp?

    Adults: INJECTION: Adults: Paget’s disease: Initially 100 IU daily, maintenance 50 IU by SC or IM Inj; max treatment period 6 mth.
    Hypercalcaemia crisis: 5-10 IU/kg body wt daily by slow IV infusion over at least 6 hr in 500 mL infusion saline.
    Chronic hypercalcaemia: 5-10 IU/kg body wt daily by SC or IM inj as single or two divided doses, max treatment period 3 mth.
    Metastatic bone cancer pain: 200 IU up to 4 times in 24 hr by SC or IM inj.
    Osteoporosis: 100 IU daily by SC or IM inj. Patients should also receive 600 mg elemental calcium and if necessary 400 units vit D daily.
    Adults: NASAL SPRAY: Post-menopausal Osteoporosis: 200 IU (1 spray) into one nostril daily, with dietary calcium and vit D supplements.
    Children: Not recommended.

    One of the following licensed pharmacy from the nearest location will deliver Salmocal Injection 100 IU/mL 5 Amp. The details of the licensed pharmacy shall be shared once you request the drugs and the respective pharmacy accepts your request based on valid prescription and availability.

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