Pfizer Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Vaccine Price In Pakistan

Pfizer becomes the first company to announce mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine this year followed by Moderns which becomes the second company to announce the launch of corona virus vaccine. Apart from these two companies AstraZeneca (British Pharmaceutical Giant) in collaboration with university of Exford stated that the it’s experimental vaccine AZD1222 is also ready to hit the mart with 70% efficacy.

Pfizer and Moderna’s efficiency rate was outstanding (both 95 percent) as compared to AstraZeneca whose efficiency rate wasn’t so effective , but can reach to 90 percent efficiency under certain dosing conditions. However, AstraZeneca can also play a vital role against Covid-19 along with Pfizer and Moderna as they alone won’t be able to deliver enough doses to meet the massive demand out there.

Due to failures in vaccine trials, it’s also becoming clear how much these vaccines will cost. In the U.S., the first batch of select vaccines will be paid for by the government. However, it’s to be determined who will be eligible to receive free doses and how much out-of-pocket costs will be down the road.

Prior this month, Pfizer CEO guaranteed shoppers that the antibody will be free for all U.S. citizens. He was likely alluding to the primary 100 million measurements pre-ordered by the U.S. government beneath Operation Twist Speed. Pfizer has guaranteed to deliver that batch before the end of the year, with the possibility of extending the government contract for an extra 500 million measurements in 2021.

After that, it’s hazy how much Pfizer will inquire for the antibody. The discount cost arranged within the government contract is $20 ( which is PKR 3,205.99 ) per dose. in Pakistan.

Pfizer’s antibody requires two dosages, given three weeks separated. The company gauges that around 15 million to 20 million individuals will be vaccinated within the to begin with six months once delivery begins.

Like Pfizer, Moderna’s first vaccine batch will be covered by government contracts. But estimating will depend on the sum requested. On Sunday, Moderna CEO Stephen Bancel told German daily paper Welt am Sonntag that the company will charge governments between $10 and $50 (which is around PKR 1603 to PKR 8015) per dose in Pakistan.

The U.S. has secured 100 million dosages for Americans at the cost of $15 per dose. Moderna got about $1 billion of U.S. government subsidizing in creating the antibody. The European Union is supposedly arranging a bargain to keep the per-dose cost beneath $25.

This antibody will likely be pricier for retail clients after government programs stage out. In its most later quarterly profit, Moderna said the antibody will be sold for $32 to $37 (which is around PKR 5130 to PKR 5931) per dose for a few customers.

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