Cancer medicine price list in pakistan

Cancer (oncology) medicines are found on very limited locations in Pakistan. Even in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Quetta has limited supply of these rare imported medicines. is committed towards providing affordable access to these cancer medicines in Pakistan.

The supply chain of life-saving drugs has been disrupted due to covid-19 and the impact of India Pakistan relationship.
DRAP has recently allowed import of medicines for personal usage through bona fide baggage and only 100 doses of a medicines can be imported.

Are you looking for a list of available cancer medicines in Pakistan? We have compiled a list for you so that you can easily find what you have been looking for.

Cancer medicine list in Pakistan

This list is updated on monthly basis, bookmark this page to get updated.

S.NoMedicine NameActive Pharmaceutical IngredientPrice in Rs.
1HUMIRA 40 MG 2 HAZIR ENJAdalimumabPKR 37,833.75
2AUBAGIO 14 MG 28 TABLETTeriflunomidePKR 49,162.50
3COZAAR 100 MG 28 TABLET (+)Losartan PotassiumPKR 491.63
4ELIQUIS 2.5 MG 60 TABLETApixabanPKR 4,670.44
5HYZAAR 50 MG 28 TABLETLosartan Potassium and HydrochlorothiazidePKR 459.56
6FABRAZYME 35 MG 1FLKAgalsidase betaPKR 92,126.25
7VFEND 200 MG 30 TABLETVoriconazolePKR 44,032.50
8VOTRIENT 400 MG 60 TABLETPazopanibPKR 49,376.25
9OPSUMIT 10 MG TABLETMacitentanPKR 166,725.00
10XELJANZ 5 MG 56 TABLETTofacitinib PKR 52,796.25
11XOLAIR 150 MG 1FLKOmalizumabPKR 38,000.00
12TRACLEER 62.5 MG 56 TABLETBosentanPKR 53,651.25
13PROGRAF 1MG 50 KAP*TacrolimusPKR 3,595.28
14OVITRELLE 250 MCG 1HAZ.SRNChoriogonadotropin AlfaPKR 2,015.66
15JAKAVI 20 MG 56 TABLETRuxolitinibPKR 235,125.00
16SUTENT 50 MG14 KAPSunitinibPKR 159,671.25
17XTANDI 40 MG YUMSAK 112 KAPEnzalutamidePKR 245,812.50
18BARACLUDE 1MG 30 TBEntecavirPKR 13,921.54
19NEULASTIM 6 MG/0.6ML1S IRINGAPegfilgrastimPKR 45,488.14
20ABILIFY MAINTENA 400 MG 1FLKAripiprazolePKR 16,195.84
21KEYTRUDA 100 MG/ 4 MLIV FLKpembrolizumabPKR 336,656.25
22JAKAV I5 MG 56 TABLETRuxolitinibPKR 119,700.00
23JAKAV I15 MG 56 TABLETRuxolitinibPKR 235,125.00
24ACTEMRA 400 MG/20 MLIVTocilizumab InjectionPKR 153,686.25
Cancer Medicine Price List in Pakistan

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